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Helping South Florida - Helping the World

Replacing your kitchen appliances or living room and bedroom sets? Need Outdoor Furniture removed? Call us. If you require junk removal we can do that as well. Need help moving? Call us!

Spirit of Life Power is devoted to the community both locally and globally. Locally, we sell high-quality, low-priced pre-owned home furnishings and small appliances. Proceeds from these sales are used to build schools and programs designed to help Autistic Teenagers and Young Adults of low-income circumstances receive quality education and life skills development. Our aim is to help this underserved population here in South Florida thrive and successfully transition into adulthood. Building career skills and gaining independence is the greatest gift we can give locally.

Globally, we join brothers and sisters around the world to pray for the sick, the oppressed, and the poor. We sponsor organizations that protect persecuted people around the world. Our heart is to act as the hand and feet of Jesus Christ on the earth. Please donate so we can continue these works.

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